Presentation & Public Speaking Training

Is a practical and easy to apply program essential for advancing your career and growing your speaking skills in meetings and social gatherings

Training Overview

Session 1



Public speaking and presentation is an art in communication, by understanding communication essentials you appreciate talking to a large audience and what the audience expects from you

Session 2

Beginning your presentation


All audiences have 3 questions in mind when they see a presenter, Who is this? What are they going to talk about? And Why should I care? Learning how to answer these 3 questions sets you up for a successful presentation

Session 3

Body of a presentation


When making a presentation you are advancing your opinions and ideas to the audience to inform them about something or persuading them to your line of thought; this makes up the bulk of the presentation.

Session 4



Language in day’s society has been abused to phrases like Xaxa and Xema. Without respect to language a presenter is destined to fail and not pass their message across.

Session 5

Ending the Presentation


Greater is the art of beginning but greater is the art of ending, by ending a presentation well, you connect with your audience and ensure they grasp the message better.

Session 6

Creating Slides


Power point slides and physical objects enhance your presentation, learn how to make impressive and informative slides ensuring you always deliver on your presentation and leave the audience wowed by your slides.

Session 7

Analyzing the audience


Different audiences require different techniques to ensure your presentation is a success, by learning to analyze and adapt to different audiences you connect with the listeners and deliver better presentations.

Session 8

Handling questions


To gauge a successful presentation the audience always asks questions, by learning how to answer questions you enhance your credibility and become more approachable speaker ensuring that your audience understand the presentation and are satisfied with your answers.

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